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One flight leg down, a dozen or so to go

Just did the first flight leg of the itinerary, on a new Airbus 380 -- I must say, it's a sweet ride. What I don't understand, though, is how is it that even such modern marvels still haven't mastered the seemingly basic science of cabin air pressure control. Why do we still have to put up with exploding hand lotion? Or am I the only one who sneaks hand lotion in my carryon, so nobody else notices?

I'm waiting for my connecting flight in Frankfurt, an airport that I will get to know well over the next month as I have two more connections through here. I was in a meteorological shock when I discovered that I'm landing into dreary fog and 10C / 50F weather. It's only middle of September; in Miami we barely dipped below 80F even at night... It's a rude reminder on 'how the other half lives' and how happy I am not to be in that half. I hope Costa Brava still retained some sunshine for me, to ease the transition out of the paradise.

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